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【2020 Cultural Accessibility for the Youth in Southern Taiwan through Theater Creation】
1. Background
According to the statistics conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2018, there are three hundred forty thousand students currently studying in junior, senior, and vocational high schools in the seven regions (Chiayi City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Penghu County, and Kinmen County) served by the Center. However, the amount of students who have participated in performing art events organized by Education Bureaus or Cultural Affairs Bureaus in the regional government or the Ministry of Culture during summer vacation only accounts for 1/1000 of them. The data suggest that there is still plenty of room to increase participation in performing art for younger generations in southern Taiwan. Equipped with professional spaces and appliances for performances, the Center has planned a project to enhance involvement of teenagers in theater this year. It is hoped that through the project, we can collaborate with professional theater teams to engage teenagers in theater art persistently. We aspire to see more involvement of young people in performing art in the direction of developing solid cultural influences for Taiwan.
2. Goal
To encourage teenagers to participate in cultural events, in 2020, the Center has provided decent venues for young people to learn and expand the experiences of theater education with the support of professional art teams. Through the policies of cultural equality and aesthetics, younger generations are enabled to get involved in communal activities from schools so as to enhance social adaptability and cultivate mental health.
3. Content of the Project
The Center has invited Teenager Performing Arts League, the experienced theater group, to plan and organize relevant courses and public performances for teenagers who are interested in theater or intend to join professional theater teams in the future. With the support and guidance of the League, young people can thus learn and develop knowledge of professional theater.