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Provincial Tainan Social Education Hall, initiated in the spring of 1954, was subordinate to the Education Department of Taiwan Provincial Government and launched to promote social education. In early June, 1954, the preparatory committee was led by the Chairperson, Deng Chuang-kai, the then Head of the Education Department with the mission of planning and establishing premises for the institution. On June 11th, 1955, “Provincial Tainan Social Education Hall” was officially founded. Former Directors include:
Former Directors
  • 1st
    Mr. Tong Jia-ju
    June 1954~August 1963
  • 2nd
    Mr. Wu Tseng-wen
    August 1963~December 1965
  • 3rd
    Mr. Shu Dao-hong
    December 1965~September 1976
  • 4th
    Mr. Cheng Ching-yuan
    April 1989~June 1991
  • 5th
    Mr. Tsai Shian-ko
    April 1989~June 1991
  • 6th
    Mr. Yang Kuo-ping
    June 1991~June 1996
  • 7th
    Lin An-hun
    June 1996~January 2016
  • 8th
    Mr. Chen Bo-chin
    January 2016~July 2019