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Table of Organization
National Tainan Living Art Center is operated by a Director who is assisted by a secretary. Subordinate to the Director and the Secretary are Research and Development Division, Promotion and Guidance Division, and General Affairs Office. There are also Personnel Office and Accounting and Statistics Office with respective authority.
A National Living Art Center shall be responsible for missions as follow in accordance with Article 3 (in effect from May 20th, 2012) in “Organizational Regulations Governing National Living Art Center” issued on November 21st, 2011:
1. To promote, survey, research, edit, and publish projects concerning living art, art performances and exhibitions, cultural and creative industry, as well as community engagement.
2. To cultivate, study, and promote social education.
3. To foster talents who specialize in carrying out two missions above and to assist relevant events.
4. To facilitate works related to living art in other relevant regions.
Research and Development Division: :
1. To organize and implement projects relevant to living art, community engagement, cultural and creative industry, social education.
2. To survey, research, edit, and publish preceding projects.
3. To provide employees responsible for preceding projects with opportunities to study, explore professional development, and receive training.
4. To spread education of living art in the elderly group.
Promotion and Guidance Division :
1. To assist realization of living art in communities, community engagement, culture of community, iconic industry, and art presentations in communities. To plan and organize projects for personnel training and professional development.
2. To train and manage volunteers in the Center.
3. To plan and organize projects for networking communities in Taiwan and abroad.
4. To carry out projects relevant to promotion and guidance.
General Affairs Office:
In charge of research and evaluation, legal affairs, administrative works, archives, seals, monetary transaction, general affairs, procurement, management of property, management of maintenance workers (including mechanics and drivers), electromechanical appliances, construction and maintenance works, and assignments excluded from the responsibilities of other Divisions and Offices.
Personnel Office:
Personnel officers are in charge of personnel management pursuant to law.
Accounting and Statistics Office:
Accountants are in charge of budgetary, accounting, and statistics affairs pursuant to law.