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1. Privacy Protection and Security Policy:
The website of National Tainan Living Art Center (hereinafter referred to as the Website) respects and protects privacy and security of users. Please read privacy protection and security policy thoroughly in order to learn how the Website safeguards users’ rights as well as how to collect, utilize, and protect personal information provided by the users. Please carefully read statement as follows and share with us your thoughts. For any suggestions or inquiries, please email:
2. Cyber Security Measures
Any act that is unauthorized to download or modify information provided by the Center is strictly prohibited and may violate law. The Website provides security measures as follows in order to protect cyber security as well as to ensure that the services can constantly be offered to all internet users:
(1) Install firewall software to prevent illicit intrusion, data breach, data theft, or illegal use of the Website in order to protect users’ rights.
(2) Install antivirus software and schedule regular scans to provide users with a safer cyber environment.
(3) Schedule automatic weekly backup to network drive.
(4) Set automatic reception of security maintenance notices sent by operating system vendors and application developers while installing relevant PATCH as suggested.
3. Privacy Protection Policy
※Policy for collection of personal data
※Policy for utilization of collected data
※Policy for cookie usage
※Policy for sharing personal data with third parties
※Policy for email transmission
※Policy for modification of personal data
※Amendment of privacy protection articles
※Consultation for privacy protection policy
4. Application
Succeeding privacy protection policies shall be applied to collecting, utilizing, and protecting personal information for visitors at the Website.
5. Policy for collection of personal data
(1) Online events and surveys
Personal information may be required to log in when the user participates in online events or surveys.
(2) Emails or online feedbacks
Correct personal information shall be provided for us to reply if the user contacts us through emails or online feedbacks.
(3) ePaper Subscribers
Subscribers of ePaper will be required to provide names and email addresses.
(4) Other
Please note that external pages linked by the Website may also collect your personal information. Other websites have their own privacy protection policies for people who provide personal information whereas their measures for processing these data are not applicable to the Website. The Website shall not undertake joint liability.
6. Policy for utilization of collected data
(1) Online events and surveys
Names and IDs collected by the Website shall only be used in the events signed in by the users. Phone numbers, emails, and addresses shall only be used for data analysis rather than other purposes. Other information may be used in profiling users or academic research. All information shall only be used for data analysis and shall not be used for other purposes unless the user agrees to share personal information.
(2) Emails or online feedbacks
Personal information provided when the user contacts us through emails or online feedbacks shall only be used for us to reply or offer information requested to the user. If the request involves other government agencies, we may share personal information provided with them. All personal data shall not be provided to any other private institutions or individuals or for other purposes.
(3) ePaper Subscribers
Subscribers of ePaper will be required to provide names and email addresses.
(4) Other
When the user signs in as a member of the Website, personal information provided shall only be used for services and events organized by the Center.
7. Policy for cookie usage
(1) The built-in function of cookie helps the Website provide personalized services and improve usability when the user signs or logs in and will be modified when the user log out.
(2) Cookie is used to count the number of viewers, analyze browsing mode, and learn internet activities of the users on the Website to help improve services provided by the Center.
8. Policy for sharing personal information with third parties
The Website shall never sell, trade, or rent any personal information to other organizations or individuals but may share information with third parties in accordance with the policy.
Without permission of the user, the Website shall never disclose the user’s personal information. The Center is allowed to handle personal information pursuant to relevant regulations instead of privacy protection policy if following circumstances occur:

(1) The user’s activities on the Website have violated terms and conditions of the Center and may infringe upon the rights of the Center or cause damages to the others. The Center may disclose the user’s personal information in order to identify, contact, or take legal actions.

(2) The user’s personal information is required to be disclosed pursuant to law based on legitimate intention.

(3) The Center is requested by judicial agencies to disclose personal information of specific users for the purposes of public safety. The Center shall follow the procedure and relevant regulations and ensure cyber security of all users on the Website prior to meeting the demand of judicial agencies.

9. Policy for email transmission
The Website will send a verification email to the user if receiving the user’s online registration. The email, marked as being sent by the Center, will also provide links showing methods, introductions, and functions to stop receiving emails.
Personal information collected in the Website shall not be used to transmit commercial data but information to promote the Website.
10. Amendment of privacy protection articles
Due to the advancement of technology and unforeseeable changes to the environment, the Website shall amend articles in privacy protection and security policy on an as-needed basis in order to safeguard users’ privacy and cyber security. A highlighted reminder indicates users to read the statement.
11. Consultation for privacy protection policy
Please contact us anytime if you have any inquiries about privacy protection and security policy of the Website.