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The Website is designed to be accessible to all users. Contents of the Website can be displayed in two layouts. The first layout is homepage which includes four items:
(1) upper navigation links
(2) left functions
(3) relevant resources
(4) search
The second layout is pages linked by homepage. Three items displayed on top of the page include:
(1) upper navigation links
(2) relevant resources
(3) search. The page applies a drop-down menu.The main menu can be accessed with Tab key while the drop-down menu can only be used through a mouse. The main menu can be changed to sub-menu with Enter key.
Accesskey (or shortcut) of the Website are:
Alt+U: upper navigation links prioritizing links of the Website
Alt+L: left functions prioritizing main features of the Website
Alt+C: central content showing contents of pages
Alt+S: search for relevant resources in the Website with keywords.