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Administration HallB1: Parking Lot

1F: Information, Exhibition Room I, Young Show Space, Conference Room, Breastfeeding Room

2F: Space for Young and Beauty

3F: Center for Music Exploration, CME

4F: Classrooms (401, 402, 403, Arts, Dance, Music)

5F: Experimental Space for Arts and Performance, ESAP

6F: General Affairs Office, Research and Development Division, Promotion and Guidance Division, Accounting and Statistics Office, Personnel Office, Cashier Office, Mail Room, Conference Room

7F: Director Office, Conference Room

Performance and Exhibition Hall

B1: Rehearsal Room

1F: Performing Arts Hall, Volunteer Office

2F: Exhibition Room II

3F: Exhibition Room III, National Language Promotion Center, International Conference Hall

4F: Cooperative Educare Service Center