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1. All the contents on the website of the National Tainan Living Art Center (hereinafter referred to as the Website) including texts, photographs, images, sound recording, videos, and other information shall be protected by Copyright Act except the following items: acts, regulations, text of speeches, and news releases prepared by civil servants—(please refer to Article 9 in Copyright Act).
2. Preceding items that shall not be subject to Copyright Act can be used freely by any person or organization. Utilization of preceding information is welcomed.
3. Except fair use of a work, information on the Website that is protected by Copyright Act shall only be used if the copyright owner agrees or authorizes the use.
4. “Fair use of the work” in the preceding paragraph shall include the following circumstances:
(1) Works publicly released in the name of the Center can be used for reproduction, public broadcast, or public transmission with an attribution notice.
(2) Information on the Website can be reproduced for personal or household, non-profit use.
(3) Within a reasonable scope, information publicly released on the Website may be quoted where necessary for reports, comment, teaching, research, or other legitimate purposes.
(4) For more fair use of the work, please refer to Article 44 to Article 65 in Copyright Act.
5. Information of electronic rights management listed on the Website shall not be used, removed, or altered without permission except the circumstances that it is in accordance with Article 80-1 in Copyright Act or where the removal or alteration is technically necessary to conversion of a recording or transmission system.