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Theater Art for the Youth - “Workshop and Tour”
1. Background
In order to stimulate imagination and creativity of young viewers in the seven regions of southern Taiwan, the National Tainan Living Art Center resorts to theater and art education as media. Through the process of cultivation, it is hoped that young people can develop aesthetic senses, broaden their horizons, and build up optimism as well as values to accept diversity while establishing compassion and competence to appreciate society, environment, and culture.
2. Objective and Expected Benefit

1. To foster interests and capability development of the youth in participating art performances, encourage creative interactions and cooperation so as to accumulate stamina for art creation.
2. To provide opportunities for teenagers to learn and experience performing art.
3. To promote theater with the involvement of younger generation collectively with professional theater instructors and troupes.
4. To support teenagers to participate in performing art and exhibit the results.
5. To enhance the power and dynamics to promote art and culture.

The project comprises two parts: “Theater Workshop” and “Theater Tour”. “Theater Workshop” includes workshops of stage lighting and scenography. Young participants who are enthusiastic about theater will have opportunities to make lighting design and stage models in the workshops in order to physically experience the magic of theater art. “Theater Tour” provides field trips mainly for junior and senior high school students to really step into professional theaters to observe, feel, appreciate, and learn the environment during the “theater tour program for the youth”.